There is a large range of activities on offer. If you love the ocean then you will be in for a treat. Some activities are only available at specific times of the year and require the use of third party operators. Contact us before your trip for assistance in planning your activities.


The warm waters of the Southern Mozambican coastline offer some excellent snorkeling opportunities where you can view a variety of sea life including turtles, reef fish and even bigger game fish. Explore the rock pools at low tide or snorkel the Inhaca Island drop-off. Scuba diving from a boat can also be arranged through the dive operator at nearby Machangulo Beach Lodge.


At low tide the beach presents the perfect surface for a relaxing ride along the water's edge with fat bikes. There are kilometers of beach on your doorstep that can be explored without possibly seeing another human being. For the more adventurous, there are many trails to ride around the inland lakes within the Machangulo Private Reserve.

Dhow Trips

Support the locals and take an enjoyable sundowner dhow trip around the bay departing from Santa Maria. Bring your fishing rod for a spot of fishing or snorkeling gear for a dive in the marine reserve. There is nothing like watching the red African sun disappear over the horizon with your favourite drink in hand.

Kite Surfing

The warm Indian Ocean offers the ideal playground for one the most exhilarating water sports on earth. The north east wind that prevails between July and November each year seldom disappoints. Get your adrenaline pumping in the waves directly in front of the villa or enjoy the calmer flat water of Maputo Bay to the north (own equipment required).


Try your hand kayaking in the ocean. If you are lucky, you might even get to share a wave with one of the bottlenose dolphins that frequents the area. For the avid fisherman, the kayaks also provide an opportunity to do some light tackle fishing trawling behind the backline.

Turtle Tracking

Every year between November and February, mother nature provides a memory of a lifetime. Witness the impressive leatherback and loggerhead turtles return to the exact beach where they themselves were hatched to lay their own eggs. Approximately 60 days later, hatchling turtles emerge on their quest to survive in the ocean.

Whale Watching

Between May and December, watch mainly Humpback whales and occasionally Southern Right whales passing by while you enjoy breakfast on the deck. At the beginning of the season the whales are moving north on their way to their breeding grounds and from September to December they return, heading south for the nutrient rich waters of Antarctica.

Deep Sea Fishing

Experience exceptional deep sea fishing with one of the local operators. Game fish are caught throughout the year with the most popular species being yellow fin tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, queen mackerel and dorado. For the hardcore fishermen, marlin and sailfish are best fished between October and January.

Beach Fishing

With your fishing rod in one hand and a bit of luck on your side, fish from the beach directly in front of the villa. The villa staff can show you some of their local fishing techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. On calmer days, fly fishing is also an option in and around the channels of the islands. And if you are feeling daring, there is the infamous “hell’s gate”.


Mozambique is renowned for its rich fishing waters and has some of the best spearfishing available in the region. With the help of a local, try your hand at this challenging sport but be aware of the dangers posed by extreme tidal changes in particular in the hell’s gate area.

Bird Watching

With the vast variety of vegetation and abundance of bird life that continues to return to the area, there is plenty to keep the avid bird watcher busy. Enjoy the tranquility that both inland and offshore water systems provide while ticking off species on your list.


Sailing trips in the bay can be arranged through one of the local operators. It is recommended to make this a day excursion enabling you to enjoy lunch at a protected bay on one of the islands. Swimming, sun tanning, fishing, snorkeling and pure relaxing will be the order of the day.